Ana Hajduka

Job Description: 
Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Africa GreenCo

Ana is a Founder & CEO of Africa GreenCo (Africa Green Regional Energy: Efficient, New and Creditworthy Offtaker).  Africa Greenco calls for the set-up of a public-private partnership in the form of an independent, regional, renewable energy offtaker.  Africa GreenCo would streamline development, mitigate offtake and credit risk and catalyse private sector finance for renewable energy development.  Africa GreenCo aims to increase private sector investment in energy generation in sub-Saharan Africa by mitigating the credit risks associated with the current lack of creditworthy offtakers.  Current weak financial position of utilities and limited choice of an alternate buyer in case of utility default deters private capital.  An intermediary aggregator between buyers and sellers can help attract sustainable investments in the power sector on the strength of a multi-buyer model. Its role as a financially sustainable intermediary offtaker and power trading company can also stimulate regional electricity trading and facilitate more efficient use of available and new resources by optimising them on a regional basis.

Africa GreenCo as a concept was included in the recommendations section of the SE4All’s Finance Committee Report and is currently funded by The Rockefeller Foundation.