Dayae Oudghiri

Job Description: 
Member of Management Board
MASEN ( Moroccan Agency For Solar Energy)
Dayae Oudghiri is a Member of Masen’s Managing Board, in charge of the essential Strategic Steering and Business Development. She also heads the Cooperation, Business Intelligence and Communication divisions. Dayae has been managing the implementation of the company’s projects since its creation in 2010, when she first started as an Advisor to the President of the Managing Board.
Prior to her position at Masen and over the past 14 years, Dayae acquired a concrete experience within renowned companies in France and in Morocco. She started her professional career as a Financial Analyst at Société Générale in Paris. Then back to her native country, Dayae joined one of Morocco’s major financial institution, the Caisse de Dépôt et de Gestion (CDG) where she  broadened her financial activities to more strategic investment projects.
Dayae made a remarkable intellectual achievement. In 2000, she majored in Finance & Banking from both Reims Business School and the Northwestern University of Chicago. While she launched Masen’s projects, she decided to pursue her education by undertaking the Executive MBA Trium program, which provides a truly global curriculum through a unique alliance of three renowned universities: NYU  Stern School of Business, London School of Economis (LSE) and  HEC Paris.